Fullerton Community Nursery School

Responsibilities of our Parents

* Meetings - There are 5 mandatory meetings to attend throughout the school year: Orientation, Orientation Workshop, General Meeting (with Raffle), Evaluation Workshop, and General Meeting (with Picnic). A detailed calendar is provided to you at the start of the school year to plan ahead.

* Scrip - Parents must purchase at least $150 per month, which is $1,350 for the nine months of our school year. There are multiple ways to meet your committment, and a buy-out option is available. You can choose to buy Scrip from many popular stores that you may already shop at. Some grocery stores make a small donation when using your discount card, which counts towards your Scrip requirement. Purchasing scrip actually costs you nothing as there is dollar for dollar value in your purchase.

* Maintenance - Parents are required to perform two maintenance duties per school year. One is a maintenance morning performing tasks such as painting or repair work, and the other is a housekeeping shift performing cleaning tasks in the classrooms.

* Jobs - Parents are required to maintain a job or a committee position for the school year (i.e. Board member, Garage Sale committee, Family Fun Day committee, etc.). There are many options to fit your personal passions and talents. Bringing together everyone's individual skills makes the co-op the great place that it is!

* Classroom Shifts - Your volunteer role in the classroom will come every 2-3 weeks, depending on class size. Each group has one teacher and 3 parent assistants for snack, art, and game responsibilities. Being in the classroom lets you view and participate in your child's school experience in a memorable way.

* Fundraising - We offer many unique and memorable fundraising opportunities, such as a Spaghetti Dinner Evening, A Meet-and-Greet with Santa, Scholastic Book Sales, See's Candies Sales, and more. While your participation in these opportunities benefits both FCNS and your children, they are not a mandatory obligation. The annual Garage sale is a mandatory fundraiser, as is scrip. All others are optional.

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